First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to Thank everyone for all the kind and generous support throughout their work with Hla Tours office and for the website.

Many thanks to:

  • The webmaster  and the Graphic designer Mr. Asakour Moulay Yousse  and Mr. Anass AMZIB for their efforts in setting up this website of which I am very proud.
  • The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism for their support and all the information, photos and maps they`ve provided us. We greatly appreciate their assistance and consideration.
  • Mr. Elias Halaby, photographer, who provided us with the photographs and the permission to use them in our website throughout the Ministry.
  • Jordan Tourism Board and Egypt Travel for their permission to use their photographs, and the provided information.
  • Rosie Watt, for her professionalism in translating our website into English.
  • Jenny Morgan, for her efforts in the corrections and maintenance of the translation
  • Giorgio Basile, Claire Liebmann and Laetitia Fain for  their assistance in correcting  the French language.
  • Mohamad Atieh and Samah Bannoura for translating the website into Arabic.
  • Valeria Sanna, for translating our brochure into the Italian version.
  • Zoya Shu, for translating our brochure into Russian.
  • Hla Tours` partners, Hotels, guides, transportation… and our clients around the world: tour operators, travel agents, associations, NGO`s for their confidence and fidelity.
  • Every one  we forgot to mention and have provided us their assistance and support.

Finally, thanks  to all Hla Tours team and staff for their efforts and professionalism.


Raed Atieh



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