Hla Tours acts as an organizer of tours, tour operator (receptive) to the Holy Land. It works under the license No. 479 issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Hla Tours conform to local law and regulations of travel organizers.

Terms of reservations


1 – These conditions are the central part of the travel contract between the traveler or the agency or tour operator and « Hla Tours » and represent an obligation for both parties, except if it is defined differently by written contract or travel program.

2 – Any client can book a program organized by « Hla Tours » at any branch of the mentioned company, or at any other organization whic « Hla Tours » has a contract with.

3 – The application becomes valid after confirmation by the reservation service with a binding contract signed by both parts.

4 – By signing the contract, the traveler or the intermediary of the journey confirms to have learned all the basic requirements and the travel program.

5 – The hotels listed in our circuits can be replaced by other hotels of the same class or upper class.

6 – The order of visits may be changed. All locations mentioned in our programs will be visited, except in case of tension in a specific location or due to force majeure. In that case, alternative tours will be offered.

7 – A list of participants must be received from us one month before the arrival of a group. The list can be adapted or modified according to availability.

8 – If changes occur, the organizer is obliged to inform the traveler who is obliged to confirm or reject the new offer within 2 days

Hla Tours is not responsible for insurance: cancellation, accident and baggage. Travelers must be provided with their own insurance.

Payment Terms:


A 30% deposit has to be paied 45 days before the arrival of the group.

The payment shall be due at least 2 weeks before the group arrives. The transfer time to be considered is from one week to 10 days.

Any late payment will result in charges of 10% of the total bill.

If the traveler or the travel intermediary does not pay before the date set by the travel program, the reservation is considered canceled.


5% for cancellations 45 days before the travel.

10% for cancellations between 44 and 30 days before the travel

20% if canceled between 29 to 20 days before the travel

40% if canceled between 19 to 15 days before the travel

80% if canceled between 14 to 10 days before the travel

90% if canceled between 9-6 days before the travel

100% if canceled between 5-0 days before the travel or during the trip itself.


General Conditions


* The travel contract is a legal act not only to travelers who have accepted and signed, but also for all other individuals mentioned in the travel services of the contract. This means that payment, cancellation and other legal terms are applicable to all mentioned passengers.

* The tour operator is responsible for contract performance in accordance with expectations that the traveler may reasonably get from the disposals of the contract for travel organization and obligations arising therefrom, regardless of whether these obligations must be met by himself or other service providers, without prejudice to the right of the tour operator to pursue other service providers responsible

* If during the trip it appears that much of the services inlcuded in the contract can’t be provided, the tour operator takes all necessary measures to provide to the traveler some free and appropriate substitutes for the onward journey.

In case of difference between services planned and service provided, it compensates the traveler up the difference.

* The traveler is responsible for any damage caused to the organizer or caused by third parties, by violating the rules set by law or administrative regulations.

* The cost of the program is defined by the price valid on the day of signing the contract, except in special cases provided by law (such as change of transport fares) where the organizer can increase the price of the program.

* The traveler is obliged to take care of his travel documents and in  case of doubt, to contact the authorities in charge.

* To be able to travel abroad, the traveler must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of travel.

* Representatives of the agency (tour operators, sub-agents, etc.) are not required to determine if the passport or other travel documents of their clients are valid.

* The traveler shall, upon request, provide the organizer with all necessary documents and data for the travel arrangements, including the acquisition of visas. Otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

* The organizer does not guarantee that the applicants will get the requested visa and is not responsible for the accuracy of the documents in the visa.

* A travel document invalid may cause the inability to realize the program because of the prohibition to enter the territory, to transit or stay there.

* The traveler is obliged to take care of his travel documents during the program, if he loses one of its travel documents or they are stolen, he is obliged to acquire a new one at its own expense and is responsible for all consequences.

* Transport is organized according to the rules in force in the country where the carrier is registered.

* The class indicated for hotels, transportation, restaurants is based on local standards

* The tour operator may cancel the trip completely or partially, in the event of extraordinary circumstances that could not be foreseen or avoided.


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