Practical Information

There are many ways to get to Palestine.  At the present time you can arrive by land via Jordan or Israel or Egypt. If you begin your journey in Jordan you will cross the Allenby Bridge or the Sheikh Hussein Bridge; or you can arrive through Israel via Ben Gurion Airport. No Visa is required to enter Palestine except that of the country via which Palestine is accessible like Israel or Jordan or Egypt. Whenever you are in the holy land you can freely make a tour without any problems and tourists do not have to take any Israeli military permission for a tour in Palestine.


International passport valid for a minimum of six months after the date of return. Caution: Even children must be in possession of a passport. No visa is required for citizens of the European Union, the United States and Canada. Obtaining a single stamp on arrival (which you must keep on you at all times). For other nationalities, please check whether you require a visa.


The Israeli passport stamp that you will receive on arrival denies you access to many Arab countries (except Egypt,Jordan and North Africa). On arrival sometimes, but it is very rare, the controller puts a stamp in your passport.

If you see that the controller is about to put a stamp in your passport, you can ask for this formality to be carried out on a separate sheet. You must then very diplomatically explain that you will be travelling to Syria or the Sultanate of Oman in the month following your return, which justifies that you do not have time to apply for a new passport. It is important in this case to remain calm and courteous . After collecting your luggage, you will be met by your guide.

The border crossing is usually difficult and can at times be unpleasant such as being asked many questions about the nature of your stay. On the way back to Tel Aviv, the airport officials will ask you about your activities in theWest Bank. You could undergo a body search and a full search of your luggage; fortunately, when travelling in a group, the official representative will be questioned. A word of advice: remain calm and focus on the attraction of the Biblical sites as the reason for your visit.

Health and Useful Medicines

No vaccinations are required. Make sure, however, to update your routine immunizations. The vaccine against hepatitis A is also recommended.

You will come across pharmacies in situ, but we still recommend you bring the following medicines which are often useful:

Antidiarrheal and antiseptic intestinal
Spectrum antibiotics
High protection sunscreen
Aspirin or painkillers (eg. Paracetamol)
Tricosteril and disinfectant.
Antihistamine (allergy injections)


The summer is long (from April to October), warm (25 ° to 35 °) and there is no rain. Winter (November-March) is mild (from 9 to 18), but it can be cold. There is sometimes snow in Jerusalem, while at the same time,Jericho, can be hot and sunny.

Beware of the sun. Remember to cover yourself with long-sleeved clothing, furthermore wear a hat and re-hydrate frequently. Be especially careful if you wish to bathe in theDead Sea.


Both in Israel and the West Bank, the currency is the Shekel. In 2010, one euro is worth about 4.75 shekels.

The dollar and the euro can also be used for all large payments. The rate of exchange at post offices and border posts and in banks is weak and you will pay a hefty commission. Instead exchange your money in offices in major cities.

Banks are open until about 14h and have ATMs.


The official language of the Palestinians is Arabic of Palestinians, the Israelis, Hebrew. The second language is English, but French is also spoken in major cities.

Jet Lag

GMT+2 hours


The electrical current is generally 220V and the plug prongs are round.


Calls from outside Palestine: dial 00 970 + the local number, without the 0.

To make international calls from Palestine dial 00 + country code + local number, without the 0. Israel: 00972

Public phones use cards sold in post offices and grocery stores.

Post offices are generally open until 14h; you can telephone them to make sure.

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