Ethical charter Hla Tours

Hla Tours is committed to ensure the best performance during your trip, at the right price for the travelers and for local populations.

Our philosophy is that each person connected to our trips is paid properly and that they can live in dignity of its activity.

We invite you to follow a moral contract in an attempt to maintain a healthy,natural and human environment, essential to the development of tourism in a region.


Sustainable tourism:

The term sustainable tourism generally describes all forms of alternative tourism that respect, preserve and promote in a sustainable way the resources (natural, cultural and social) of a territory and its heritage to the attention of tourists, so as to minimize the negative impacts they could generate.

Alternative Tourism

It highlights all the elements that constitute the identity of a country. It assumes that activities are managed mainly by local people.

Responsible and alternative tourism. Travel differently, travel fairly is possible

For the Holy Land, we wish form alternative tourism a human, cultural, geographical dimension, and above all solidarity. Travel fairly by meeting local people, interested in human rights and justice, is a way to support peace, to connect people, to support democracy and to help building a fairer world.

A different tourism is possible: alternative and fair tourism it’s also a way to support sustainable development and Fair Trade, and it’s an awareness.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism or ethical tourism is a type of alternative tourism, aiming to:

- the economic development and vitality of local communities (through involvement in the local economy, a fair and stable salary for partners, decent working conditions, exchange of knowledge and good practices …).

 - the long-term preservation of natural cultural and social resources, therefore a sustainable tourism.

 - an authentic encounter between travelers and local people

Today, many travelers are sensitive to the impact of their journey on a region that attracts them, and they are experimenting new ways of travelling. They wish to be consistent with the principles they apply in their country, but also to improve the quality of their vacation, to live their trip as an authentic experience.

Fair Tourism

Our specific aim is to ensure that local communities get a fair share of the revenues generated by tourism, and to combine tourism with sustainable development. In practice this leads to a set of criteria to respect the inhabitants and their lifestyle, to ensure a true encounter between tourists, visitors and inhabitants and the sustainability of the progress brought by tourism.

In the Holy Land, we are working towards responsible tourism. We wish to transform the current characteristics of tourism in the Holy Land by encouraging pilgrims and visitors to include Palestinian towns and villages in their itinerary, in order to achieve a more equitable distribution of tourism incomes between the most of the persons in the region. Believing that tourists as local people can enrich human encounters, we invite travelers to meet the Palestinian people and to discover their culture and their situation.

We also ensure that tourists have fair prices and a pleasant stay

Ecotourism or green tourism: is a form of sustainable tourism. Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural environments where the resources and the well-being of the inhabitants are preserved. We encourage our partners, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, transportation company etc… to be consistent with ecological principles, respecting environmental standards by offering services environment friendly.

Solidarity Tourism:

« Solidarity tourism, is a network of specialized information on solidarity, in a perspective both » responsible « and » fair « , but more directly involved in solidarity projects: either the tour operator support actions of development or that  a part of the trip income is used to support a rehabilitation project or a social project. « 

In Palestine solidarity tourism includes everything, from the discovery of the daily situation to the meetings with civil society, with Israeli and Palestinian organizations that act for a fair peace between the two people. It means also being witnesses of what it’s discovered. It’s to promote a fair peace in wich the rights and dignity of every human being are respected.

Civic tourism

It is defined by some groups of activists who do not hesitate to boycott countries or regions they consider politically incorrect.

« Integrated » Tourism

It relies on the integration of tourism in local life and for development. Precursor of sustainable tourism, it is opposed to tourism

Touch with the eyes

Do not take pictures of people isolated without having received permission. Do not agree to pay to take a photo because it induces mercantile unsavory habits. It is recommended not to promise to send photos to persons concerned if you can’t complay with this commitment (by sending mail etc…)

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